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       The coffee tree is a shrub or small tree of rubiaceae.Leaves opposite, leathery, ovate;Every year in March, the branches will emit white flowers, petals arranged in a spiral, the flower heart around the petals jump, carefully look, still like the small windmill of childhood play, send out the fragrance of the gusty;The fruit is elliptical, berry, deep red, two seeds inside, namely the coffee beans we are familiar with.The first flowering period of the white flower red fruit coffee tree is about three years old, and the white flowers are five-petal shaped flowers, which are scattered with a faint fragrance of jasmine flowers and densely arranged in a series of flowers.

        The flowers will fade after two or three days, and begin to bear fruit in a few months.Fruit for nuclear, about 1.5 cm in diameter, initially green, after gradually become yellow, transferred to red when mature, and cherries are very similar, so called Cherry Coffee Cherry (Coffee), can be harvested at this time.

        The mature Coffee berry looks like cherries and is bright red, and the flesh is sweet and contains a pair of seeds, aka Coffee Beans.The coffee varieties have small seed, medium grain and large seed, the former contain low caffeine content and strong flavor, and the latter two have high caffeine content, but the flavor is poor.The coffee in the world is usually made from small seed and medium grain in different proportions, usually 70% medium, mainly for its caffeine.Three to a small seed, mainly to take its fragrance.Each coffee variety typically has several to a dozen variations.Coffee is resistant to cold and cold, but it is not resistant to light, drought or disease.Coffee contains caffeine, protein, crude fat, crude fiber and sucrose of nine kinds of nutrients, as a drink, not only does it smell delicious, slightly bitter to sweet, and there is excitement nerves, remove fatigue, and so on.In medicine, caffeine can be used as an anesthetic, a stimulant, a diuretic and a cardiac stimulant, as well as aid in digestion and promote metabolism.The pulp of coffee is rich in sugar, sugar and alcohol.Coffee flowers contain essential oils that can be extracted from high quality spices
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