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Benefits of Coffee

Coffee beans contain about 100 different substances, including caffeine, tannic acid, oil and nitrogen, and are found to contain between 44 and 100 milligrams of caffeine per 100 grams of instant coffee.For every 100g of coffee, it contains 64 to 124 milligrams of caffeine.Coffee is a stimulant, a lot of influence on the body, it can diuresis, stimulate the central nervous system and respiratory system, expand blood vessels, and make the heart speeds up, the increase of striated muscle strength and relieve the brain and muscle fatigue.

Coffee and beauty

No study has ever shown that caffeine, melanin, and melanin are associated with increased or aging skin.Conversely, moderate caffeine can accelerate metabolism, promote digestion, improve constipation, and improve skin roughness.About caffeine can accelerate metabolism, one theory is that coffee to burn calories faster, can reach the effect of weight loss, and basically theory is right, but how many calorie burning not let the body weight, if also added sugar in the coffee and milk essence, from the calculation on the heat is more is not in conformity with the principles of losing weight.

Coffee is a good friend of the gym

Another advantage of coffee is that it increases your physical strength, which can help you exercise longer and make your workouts better.Caffeine is an essential part of a group sport because it enhances attention and responsiveness.Drinking too much coffee, coupled with strenuous exercise, can lead to tachycardia and excitement, which can lead to insomnia, neurological disorders and other symptoms.
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