Cocoa Origins

         The word "coffee" comes from the Greek word "Kaweh," which means "power and passion."Coffee trees are rubiaceae perennial evergreen shrubs or small trees, daily consumption of coffee is made of coffee beans with different kinds of cooking utensils, and coffee is coffee tree fruit of nuts, then use the appropriate baking and baking method.

        Legends about the origins of coffee vary, but most of them are forgotten because of their absurdity.But people will not forget that Africa is the home of coffee.The coffee tree probably was found in the Ethiopian province of KAFFA.Later, a batch of slaves were trafficked from Africa to yemen and the Arabian peninsula, and coffee was brought along the route.To be sure, yemen started growing coffee in the 15th century or earlier.The Arab world, with its mocha, the most prosperous port in the world, banned any seed exports!The barrier was eventually broken by the Dutch, who in 1616 smuggled their living coffee plants and seeds into the Netherlands and began growing them in greenhouses.
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