Cocoa Processing

        The process of the coffee bean is to remove the shell of the beans and produce stable, dry green coffee beans.Usually "dry" and "wet" methods: most of the moisture in the shell is removed.Processed coffee beans can be stored for a period of time before they are removed, then sorted and filtered to be shipped around the world.There were two major technological breakthroughs in making coffee in the last century: instant coffee and caffeine.

        Instant coffee is removed by spray or freeze-dried water, which can then be consumed directly by adding hot water to powder or granule products.

        Caffeine treatment

        Commercial coffee was first started in Germany in the early 20th century.There are many different ways to remove caffeine from coffee beans, and the process can safely remove about 97 to 98 percent of the caffeine.The coffee beans need to be processed in the "green" state, before baking and aromatic processing.
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