Cocoa Legend

        The coffee tree is native to the highlands of southwestern Ethiopia.It is said that over a thousand years ago, a shepherd discovered that the sheep had eaten a plant and became very excited and lively.There are also claims that wildfires accidentally burned down a piece of coffee, and that the smell of the roasted coffee caught the attention of the surrounding residents.

        Local aborigines often grind the fruit of the coffee tree and mix it with animal fat to make a lot of ball balls.These indigenous tribes treat these coffee balls as valuable food for the soldiers who are about to go out.It was not until the 11th century that people began to make coffee as a drink.In the 13th century, Ethiopian troops invaded yemen and brought coffee to the Arab world.Because Islam prohibits Muslim drinking, some religious people think this drink to stimulate nerves, in violation of the doctrine, once prohibited and close the coffee shop, but think the coffee is not in violation of the doctrine of Sudan, Egypt and lifted, coffee drinks quickly caught on in the Arabic region.The term Coffee and Coffee, which comes from the Arabic Qahwa, which means "vegetable drink", has since spread to Turkey, becoming the source of the word in European languages.The way coffee is grown is also refined by the arabs.
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