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Cacao is produced in southeast Asia, Africa, South America and so on.After being picked from the cocoa tree, the cocoa bean is fermented and dried to become a raw material for processing. The cocoa beans are brown and have a special cocoa flavor
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Cocoa beans (bean) moisture content 5.58%, fat 50.29%, 14.19%, nitrogenous substance theobromine 1.55%, other 13.91% nitrogen, 8.77% starch, 4.93% crude fiber, ash contains 40.4% 31.28%, potassium phosphate, magnesium 16.22% oxygen.The cocoa beans also contain the nervous central excitatory substance such as caffeine and tannin, which has a great relationship with the color, aroma and taste of chocolate.Melting point of cocoa butter is close to the body's temperature, has the characteristics of the melt in your mouth, keep a certain hardness at room temperature, and has a unique cocoa aroma, has a high nutritional value, is not easy oxidation, is the main raw material of making chocolate


Producing areaWuxi

ApplyIt can be used in food processing such as candy, chocolate, west point, etc., and it can also be used in chemical industry such as high grade soap manufacturing.

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Net weigh: 25kg/jute bag
Temperature: max.25℃    Relative moisture:  max:70%


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