Cocoa Legend
Cocoa in ancient China is considered a sacred gift, the source of power, but also the ancient Indian currency, is the ancient Chinese nation's health food. 
About 1500 BC, South America is the earliest domesticated tropical plants and cocoa beans, they are named as KAKAWA or CACAO, cocoa beans to their health and strength. 
Cocoa is also an indispensable part of the Mayan civilization, which has been proved in its cultural relics. 
In 900 A.D., Telaiteke challenged the Mayan empire, and the focus is the cocoa. An adult man, after drinking a cup of cocoa, do not eat or drink can go on a whole day without feeling tired. Cocoa is considered to be a symbol of wealth and nobility. The currency of the Central American market is the cocoa bean. As the Spanish arrived in the American continent, cocoa spread to europe. In the late sixteenth Century, the Spanish upper society swept the chocolate drink. The Spanish and European countries are often Royal intermarriage of cocoa as a dowry. 
Cacao to gain the favor of the Americans, one of the founding fathers of the United States, the drafters of the declaration of independence - one of the Thomassen Jefferson is also famous for lovers, he in 1785 a letter wrote: "whether it is considered from the point of view of health and nutrition, cocoa to over tea and coffee, this in America as in Europe, Spain!" Cocoa is an important futures product, in New York and London futures market transactions. At present, the cocoa drinks have been popular throughout the world, and became famous Coffee, the world's three largest tea drinks. Is also the only world capacity less than the consumption of drinks. Due to the antioxidant content of cocoa is high and can also prolong the duration of action of other antioxidants in the human body, so it has lipid-lowering heart care, beauty, weight loss and other multiple effects, known as the "immortal drink!" 
Cocoa is located in all the drinks in the first reason is its high content of phenolics or flavonoids and flavanols and procyanidins is main flavonoids in cocoa, they can prolong the duration of action of other antioxidants in the body, can also promote blood vessel relaxation, reduce inflammation and reduce blood clot formation, which play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The antioxidant content of cocoa is 3 times as much as 2 times as much as that of green tea. Cocoa contains dietary fiber than tomatoes juicy 2 times, not only can eliminate constipation, help control appetite, lose weight. 
The American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, University of California, Pennsylvania State University, Massachusetts Institute of many studies in the literature showed that cocoa also has beauty, increasing passion for helping, lipid-lowering and protecting the heart, Jujing refreshing, Qing mouth tooth fixing and other functions. Although a lot of food contains cocoa, but the researchers believe that cocoa powder containing more than 20% of the cocoa drink is the most beneficial to the body. Cocoa drinks already popular in Europe as a whole, cocoa Lianxiang alcohol sweet, smooth and delicate taste unique, life add a magic! Cocoa health benefits, than everyone's imagination! Cocoa will lead the Chinese people to step straight into a new era of "cocoa"!
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